Eskimo words for snow

The Eskimo have been said to have as many as 400 words for snow.This is one of those stories that linguist delight in telling, but is the large number of Eskimo words for snow a fact or a hoax?

Louisiana Creole Language

Canada is not the only place in North America where French and English are spoken. We have our own, Louisiana, right here in the United States. Louisiana is not only a State with a rich multicultural heritage, but it is also a polyglot State. Louisiana Creole (LC) is one of three French-based languages that coexist with English in what is referred to as Acadiana or Francophone Triangle, a region west and southwest of New Orleans that stretches to the Texas border.

About the German Language and its Dialects

German is the second most used language in the internet, according to the January 2015 issue of “Usage Statistics of Content Languages for Websites” Therefore, it is a language to keep in mind, if you are considering translating your website or business documentation. This blog provides useful information about this European language.