Louisiana Creole Language

Canada is not the only place in North America where French and English are spoken. We have our own, Louisiana, right here in the United States. Louisiana is not only a State with a rich multicultural heritage, but it is also a polyglot State. Louisiana Creole (LC) is one of three French-based languages that coexist with English in what is referred to as Acadiana or Francophone Triangle, a region west and southwest of New Orleans that stretches to the Texas border.

Japanese Scripts

The Japanese writing system includes the following scripts:japan flag and map

Kanji: Chinese characters,
Hiragana: Syllabic characters,
Katakana: Characters used for foreign words,
Okurigana: Combination of Kanji with Hiragana to form a Japanese character.
Furigana: Characters added to Kanji characters as an aid to their proper pronunciation,
Kokuji’: Kanji characters developed by Japan,
Arabic Numbers: For numerical data,
Romaji: Letters of the Romance alphabet.